7 Strange Animals You Must Know About !

Some people are so crazy about
animals, whenever they see any animal, they are so excited to click their
photo, whether it be a dog or tiger, they are always ready with their camera.

But here, we are not presenting the
list of common and prominent animals, we are presenting some animals which you
neither have you seen nor heard about!

7. Axolotl

Source- Youtube.com
After you get a view of this, doesn’t it look like a Pokémon? The Axolotl is also known as
Mexican Salamander or Mexican Walking fish. And this fish can be found in most
of the lakes of Mexico City. Currently, this walking fish is in the list of
endangered species.

6. Pangolin 

It might look like a moving wooden statue. Doesn’t it? This odd looking mammal is found in some parts of Asia and Africa.
Pangolin wears a protective keratin shell, which protect them from harm. But unfortunately, a very few pangolins are left on the earth.

5. Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog

Does this frog look like Michigan?
This little guy is new discovery in the species of glass frog. Its bright green
colour might grab your attention and the coolest thing about this frog is we
can see his internal organs . Isn’t it cool ?These frogs are less an inch long.

4. Dumbo octopus

This cute little octopus is not only cute, it is also very dangerous. It is a deep sea animal which lives on ocean floor at
extreme depth. This tiny octopus got his name ‘Dumbo’ from Disney character
Dumbo, the flying elephant. Sadly, this cute guy is in the list of rare species
in the world.

3. Glowing sea turtle
Like the turtles of Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles have some special power, these turtles also have some amazing
quality. Their shell glows both red and green. According to scientist “it
could be a way for them to communicate, for them to see each other better”.
But currently, they are very rare and they come in the list of endangered

2. Aye-Aye

This ugly little Aye-Aye is one of
the best example of strange animals in the world. They are found in
the rain forest of Madagascar. They love to live in the long trees. And one of
the important thing about Aye-Aye, they are very lazy animal. And when they cry
it sounds like an alarm bell.

Red-lipped batfish


It really looks like someone put lipstick on a pig’s face! Some scientist believe that the purpose of it’s bright red lip is for male fish to attract the female. They really look horrible and are very small, And they are present in the list of endangered species.
There are other animals which are more horrible than the above ones!
So do you agree with our list? Have you ever seen any strange animal?  Comment below… 

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