Do colors speak? Role of Colors in Branding..!!

We live in a colourful World, as you can see by looking around and every one of us gets affected by it unknowingly. Even the Colors speak, impact of any visual is firstly decided by its colour. So, Let’s explore the mystery behind them..

1. Orange


Are you feeling energetic..? Actually you should be, as this colour imparts energetic atmosphere around you. And this is a reason why you might have seen many juice brands with this color just to show the freshness and cheerfulness. Though, sometimes it is also used as an symbol of urgency.

2. Blue


Now , you have got the energy but to balance your enthusiasm I have blue here. As it will create a sense of trust and stability in you. Many online companies uses this colour in their online platform and  security pages. And yeah, your bank also uses the same just to remain trustworthy in your eyes.

3. Yellow


Another colour which will stimulate the actions going on in your brain. Yep, be cautious this is the most sensitive of all. Hence, it has got numerous uses in different aspects. Lighter yellow will give you a memory of summer and warmth feeling where as darker one stands for antiquity and class.

4. Black


The love of you and mine, and almost of everyone, this is the strongest of all. Black, as it sounds so well, it is commonly used in background. It adds an air of sophistication and elegance to the products and brands and hence, garments manufacturers use this colour mostly.

5. Green


This is the Colour with widest possible reach, even beyond our imagination. Between the warmer and cooler colours, it is the most balanced in the bucket. It always brings the nature in context. It softly calls for action and demands your movement. It induces a  “sense of freedom” and hence is used widely.

6. Red


Here comes the Colour which is most effectively used. From traffic light to McDonald’s brand, it has got most variations in its uses. Believe it or not, but it raises the blood pressure and encourages appetite in first impression. Former fact is used to represent urgency while latter one is widely used by fast food companies.

7. White


Since you have already gone through series of effects from various colors, White here is to neutralize every effect. A colour which silently passes the on going emotions also represents calmness and cleanliness with a sense of purity.

There are millions of colors around the world and every marketing strategy is reliable on these colors. So, be aware from next time you fall trap in game of colors..

Post Author: vivek