HERE are 2015 ‘s Most Influential Stories of Twitter!

The year 2015 is almost over and twitter released the list of all top content on twitter! Let’s analyse the most Influential Stories of twitter!


#PrayForParis and #JeSuisCharlie

Both were worlds response to the terrorist’s attack! Peoples Changed their Facebook profile picture for supporting Paris while also shared their concerns for freedom of expression, after the attack on  Charlie Hebdo magazine. Both Showed us that the world is always united against terrorists and  #PortOuverte, a hashtag designed to help people in Paris looking for shelter, represented the power of Social Media!



Again, the power to social media for the good, for social awareness brought the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to life it it and twitted more then 9 million times commonly represented Twitters response against different incidents all over the world! the following tweets says it all..

No. 3

#HomeToVote and #LoveWins

Twitter whole heartedly supported the idea of same sex merrige and it is reflected as ireland voted for the marriage equality.
The White House twitted this GIF  after Supreme courts favoured marriage equality!



As ISIS happened the world experienced one more big concern – Refugees! and twitter came up with  #refugeeswelcome All influencing personalities on twitter supoorted this via their tweets as we can see below..

To understand how big Refugee Crisis is, an Youtube channel  came up with this video Explaining the whole crisis in this amazing video! plz watch..

No. 5


 A photo of the high school freshman in handcuffs went viral on Twitter. When 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammed was detained fromhis school for bringing in his homemade digital clock, fearing it was a bomb, Whole twitter was with Ahmed, later he was invited to White House by President Obama, facebook, google Headquaters and NASA as well ..

and the Genius tweeted this.

No. 6


Elections in Singapore, Argentina ,India, Canada and the UK trended on  @twitter.

Devid Cameron continued as continued as UK’s Prime Minister, whether in india recently founded political  AAP created history in Local Election by winning almost all the seats, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  congratulated the upcoming Chief minister after his party was limited to only 4 seats.

NO. 6

 FIFA Women’sWorldCup

This FIFA event created a lot of buzz on twitter, and tweets erupted after United States won 2015 #FIFAWWC. against Japan in Canada, This Sports event was Hugely Successful being the only Sports event in this list !

No. 7

Pluto’s LOVE  

The Internet Broke when NASA tweeted this..

and #PlutoFlyby generated more than 1 million Tweets on July 14!

here Comes the TimeLapse!

No. 8

The Dress 

People debated #BlueandBlack or #WhiteandGold, Some Said its a Optical Illusion and some Started giving scientific reason behind it generating more than 4.4M Tweets on 26 and 27th Fab, and this Guy on vine Explained it all..


The fastest person to reach a million followers 

@Caitlyn_Jenner broke President Obama’s record of reaching 1 million followers  in just 4 Hrs and got her name in guiness world records!

And she tweeted this .. 

And here is a bonus…

The most used Emojis on twitter of this year!

so thats all about this year on twitter! do you think something is missing here or just want to share your opinion.. comment below!

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We wish you a very happy new year..

Post Author: Kalpit Tiwari