Why We Love Social Media (And You Should, Too!)

  Social media is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION…..  

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Social media, the platform that helps us to explore, to know what’s happening around the globe and for many other things. It’s a platform where we can connect to various types of people from all over the world. 

Regardless of age, occupation and interests most of the people are active on social media and spend a huge portion of their time on it every day. 
There are various social media platforms which are famous such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE+, LINKEDIN, INSTAGRAM and many more. Social media is not only for leisure, but it is also the most famous tool among online and digital markets nowadays.

Here are the reasons why we love social media:


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Social media is the best way to reach people globally. It is very useful for social media marketers as they get global audience for their brand. In today’s world, having a global audience is the best way to compete or to stay in the market. 

2. STAY CONNECTED:        

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In this fast paced and ever changing world the main purpose of social  media is to be connected with friends  and families. We can share old events, photos and also we are able to be in  touch with our loved ones which are not with us physically every time.


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Social media is the biggest platform used for any kind of promotion nowadays! Marketers use social media to promote their brand or company or channel to an international level, this is the best use of this platform. If you are researching, developing and creating your products then promoting it via social media is one of the best way. 


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Breaking news and important information goes viral like wildfire on the social media websites. Also social media is playing a crucial role in finding missing children, any natural disaster related information etc, these type of viral information helps people and this is an incredibly fast way of spreading news among billions. The best thing about social media that it keeps us updated every second about the latest happenings worldwide! 


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We have to admit that social networking can be pretty fun too! A lot of people turn to it when they are able to catch a break or when they want to relax themselves. Since people are naturally social creatures, its often quite satisfying when you see comments and likes on your own posts. Social media is widely used for fun and entertainment as it one of the easiest stress-relievers!

So these are some of the reasons of loving social media, comment below and let me know what is your reason of loving social media….. 

Post Author: Ayush Mittal